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Picasa is a popular freeware program developed by famous Google. It is already a good reason to get to know it better, but a lot of people choose Picasa because it helps them to satisfy their needs. With the help of Picasa you can easily and quickly sort and move your photos from camera to the computer, as well as edit them and prepare for social networks or for your own gallery. The program is available for Windows, Mac and mobile devices such as Android and iOS, which makes it very popular.

Picasa belongs to Google, so it has the option to transfer photos to Google+, Blogger and YouTube with just one click. However, if you want to send your photos to Facebook, Flickr and other social networks you will have to perform more actions. To take full advantage of the program, for example, the automatic backup to the cloud, you have to log in with Google+ account, which you can create for free. The interface of Picasa is quite simple and straightforward. Like most other image editing software, Picasa looks like library. On the left side you will see the list of albums, users and folders. Folders indicate where the images are stored on your PC, connected devices and network. However, folders are presented randomly, not in alphabetical order, not in the initial organization of the directory tree used in Windows Explorer or Apple Finder. Users are much more conveniently organized (in alphabetical order) and albums (virtually combine pictures taken by user and store links to related images, for example all photos of cousin).

Picasa supports various file formats such as .JPG, .BMP, .FIG, .PNG, .TGA, .TIFF, .WEBP and .RAW. Also you can set Picasa to backup photos from your PC and new photos from camera to Google+ Photos. After importing, Picasa Editor will show you a welcome web page with links to basic instructions for using the application.

Picasa places great emphasis on the people and therefore, face detection. The program offers several ways of signing photos. When you launch it for the first time Picasa automatically scans your photo library for faces and displays them separately. You can introduce the names of the persons under the faces, while the application continues to scan. If you are logged in with Google+, Picasa can even compare the faces of your Google+ contacts and recommend their names for photos signatures.

I am running x64 bit version of Windows 10 on my PC. What version of Picasa I should download?
For better performance we recommend you to download the latest 64 bit version of Picasa for your PC.

Why it is so important to download the latest version of Picasa?
The latest version of Picasa contains the most recent bug fixes and features that improves program’s performance and user’s experience.